Rearing house

If your ambition is the ultimate in rearing results, then a well-equipped house with plenty of freedom of movement for the piglets is extremely important.

Rearing houseAnd obviously, it has to be a place where you can work efficiently and easily too. We offer all the components to create a rearing house that your piglets will soon feel at home in. Whether you choose our modular system with stainless steel frames with PVC partitions or partitions made from steel bars, our equipment can be flexibly adjusted to suit every type and dimension of pen. The materials used are robust and hardwearing and easy to clean for improved house hygiene and healthier piglets.

The transition from milk to feed has a huge influence on the further development of piglets. We are happy to offer our expertise in helping you choose the right feeding system so that your piglets have easy access to feed from day one to prevent weaning dip. We offer a comprehensive range of troughs, dry feed dispensers and liquid feed troughs. We also supply the Fancom Rondomat sensor controlled feeder for piglets that regularly dispenses small portions of fresh feed.