Gestation house

In the gestation house the sows are housed together in stable or dynamic groups and they are free to move around, eat, sleep and play.

Sow welfare has top priority and the circumstances and equipment must be created and designed to maintain the animals in top condition. Each group must have a place to lie and rest, a dunging area, an area for movement and a place to feed.

Gestation houseThere is a whole range of options and we are glad to help you think about the most efficient and convenient way to equip the house. The simplest system is trough feeding with dry or liquid feed. If you decide to choose lying cubicles with free access, the sows will all eat at the same time. Separating the animals at feeding ensures there is no stress during this period. You have a clear overview of your animals and the system is easy to manage.

If you prefer to feed the sows individually, you can choose the electronic sow feeding station (ESF). We offer the Fancom Intellitek system. The sows eat individually in the feeding station where they are completely separate and can feed free of stress. A transponder in the ear is used for sow recognition so the animals can decide in how many portions they eat their daily ration.