Farrowing house

The equipment in the farrowing house should focus on comfort and performance, for both the sows and the piglets.

Farrowing house

The sturdy and durable Porcon farrowing crate is known for its special anti-crush bar, which encourages the sow to lie in the most ideal position to avoid crushing the piglets. The piglets can reach the teats unhindered immediately after birth, so they can drink the vital first milk straight away.



Free farrowing crate

The Porcon free access farrowing pen enriches the living conditions of the sow without compromising the safety of the piglets. A few days after farrowing, the sow has more freedom to exercise and stay in good condition. This movement stimulates milk production so the piglets will grow better. In free access mode there is enough space for the sow to turn around and to lie down. Anti-crush bars around the pen protect the piglets, so the risk of crushing or smothering is kept to a minimum.

The Porcon farrowing pen can be supplied with piglet nests in various types and dimensions, which can be heated electrically or using warm water.