Breeding house

The cycle on a multiplication farm starts in the breeding house. Porcon offers all the components to efficiently equip the boar pens and insemination stall. Functional, durable and sustainable equipment are key aspects in your breeding house.

Breeding house:The robust Porcon boar pen is made from a heavy-duty, galvanized frame. The gate has a handy security bolt that can be opened quickly and easily.

In the insemination stall, we create enough space for the boar to access the sows. The automatic fixing gates can enclose the boar separately from the group of sows. This partition gives the staff at the AI station and the sow some extra time.

Breeding house:The sows in the breeding house have lying cubicles, with or without free access. Porcon offers various types of stalls that offer the sows enough freedom of movement, but are still practical in daily use.