Equipment for pig houses

Where your animals feel at home

Gestation houseThe equipment of your buildings requires a significant investment which you would like to make shrewdly and efficiently. Well thought-out equipment creates a pleasant work environment and will save time. In addition, it needs to be animal friendly, easy to clean and require low maintenance. Your animals need to have access to sufficient fresh water and the feed should be easily accessible for an optimal feed intake. Requirements that Porcon’s equipment fully complies with, and more. We develop a sustainable housing concept that fits in with your way of working, your plans for the future and the capital available. The result is a better return from which you will benefit each day!

Total package

We deliver a total solution package, functional pig house equipment in which all components are aligned: breeding and boar pens, lying cubicles for sows and group housing, farrowing pens and piglet and finisher pens and complete slatted floors.