Complete pig projects

The foundation for a successful pig multiplication farm starts with functional equipment. But there is more. Porcon collaborates closely with its sister companies Fancom BV and Choretime to realise complete pig projects worldwide.

Farrowing houseFancom is the world leader in the development of automated systems for livestock husbandry. Fancom’s pillars are tried and trusted systems for climate control, feed automation and monitoring animal signals, elements that are linked and harmonised using management software to create valuable synergy. Fancom systems offer a total solution consisting of intelligent control computers, corresponding peripheral equipment and expertise about the growth processes of animals.

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Chore-Time dispensersChore-Time is the number one supplier when it comes to feed installations. The extensive range offers a wide choice of silos, auger systems, chain conveyor systems with dispensers and various models of dry feeders.

Another benefit of our joint approach is the one-stop-shop concept. That means that the supply of all products for the automation and equipment of your house is provided by one supplier, there is one point of contact and all services are under one roof. A lot less to worry about when planning a new construction project or renovation of your pig house!